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Exclusive Services

We know property buying in a foreign country can often be overwhelming. That’s why our team at DR Residency, LLC offer a wide array of services to help you through the process. Take a look to learn more about what we can do for you.

Locate Desired Property

We have our feet on the ground, utilizing our experience and resources we will locate the desired property for you.


Initiate Contact

On your behalf we will initiate contact with the seller or project manager/company.


Provide and Foward Documents

We will provide and forward all official documents needed to purchase your new home for your review and signature where needed. 


Attorney Review

During the buying process we will have our in-house attorney review contracts. (Our attorney will only verify the validity of the contract NOT advise)


Provide Payment Process

We will provide the sellers payment process and the desired sellers method of payment. (Please check with your bank to assure they provide international wiring of funds.)


Verbally Translate

All official documents are in Spanish and must be signed as is. We will have our in-house translator translate verbally to English if needed. 


Recommend Financial Instituition 

We will recommend the right financial institution for you when it is time to take a mortgage if needed. 


Co-hosting Services

Once you are in possession of your new property and want to generate  income with hands off, we will co-host for you. (ADDITIONAL FEE APPLYS)

Let's Work Together

Team work makes the Dream work!

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